New points system and tyres for 2012

The Dallara GP2/11

The 2012 GP2 season will see new changes: one of them is a new points system, which gives the drivers in the Feature race the same points as in F1. The top 8 drivers will then start in reverse order for the Sprint race and the first 8 will score points. This same system will be used by GP3 as well.

Position Feature Race points Sprint Race points
1 25 15
2 18 12
3 15 10
4 12 8
5 10 6
6 8 4
7 6 2
8 4 1
9 2 0
10 1 0
11+ 0 0
Pole position 4
Fastest lap 2 2

The other important change will involve tyres. From 2012, Pirelli will supply two different dry compounds to the teams, 3 sets of prime (hard) tyres and one set of option (soft) tyres, to be used throughout the race weekend. One set of hard tyres must be used during Sunday’s sprint race, and the remaining three sets can be used at whichever point of the sessions. The Saturday feature race will still have the mandatory pit stop rule, where at least two tyres must be changed.

“The new tyre rule offers a fantastic opportunity to the drivers. Our Series’ main goal has always been to prepare them to Formula One and so far we have been very successful at it. More than ever, tyre management is key to how quickly young drivers can adapt to the pinnacle of motorsport. However, although we will introduce a second compound, we have decided to keep only four sets of tyres per race weekend in order to control the costs. It will be interesting to watch as our teams will put in place the best possible strategy. It will add even more suspense, but it will also make tyre management all the more delicate. We’re very happy that Pirelli will help us achieve that”, said Bruno Michel.

Since we became sole tyre supplier to the GP2 Series, we have always been very keen to work in close contact with the organisers and meet their requests. We are already supplying an improved version of our P Zero GP2 hard compound rubber for this year’s GP2 post-season tests. This is a product with enhanced performance features, which will probably be seen on track starting from next season when the series will have new tyre rules. Having two different compounds available for each event in 2012 will certainly spice up the action and narrow the gap between Formula One and its feeder series, as the focus will not only be on tyre management skills but also on making the right tyre choice and planning race strategy accordingly. We are very satisfied with how our P Zero GP2 tyres performed during the 2011 season and we are glad to have significantly contributed to increasing the spectacle of the races. I feel confident that our P Zero tyres combined with the new tyre rules will make the GP2 races even more interesting to watch next season”, commented Mario Isola, Pirelli’s racing manager.


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