Richelmi takes his first win, at home in Monaco

Stephane Richelmi, Monaco 2014
Richelmi won his first race at Monaco

It was yet another DAMS victory at Monaco, but this time it was Stephane Richelmi’s day of glory as he snatched his first GP2 Series win on home ground.

Richelmi had a cautious start but fended off Haryanto at turn 1 and kept the lead of the race, while the Indonesian was beaten to turn 2 by Sergio Canamasas. Felipe Nasr went straight at turn 5 and retired with suspected suspension damage, while Ellinas hit a slow Markelov and the pair had their races ruined.

Canamasas was quickest on the second lap and closed the gap to Richelmi to just a few tenths, and would have stayed there for the rest of the race. Trummer, Leal and Palmer then all set the fastest lap but made up no positions if not for the accidents occuring on track, like Marciello sending de Jong almost in the barriers at the hairpin and receiving a drive-through penalty for it. A driver who was on fire was Stefano Coletti, who made his way past other drivers to reach the top ten and set the fastest lap of the race for the extra points.

Haryanto improved his times but for a couple of laps only and fell back once more, leaving Richelmi with the pressure of Canamasas without himself pressuring the Spaniard in turn.

Then the safety car finally got its call as Markelov ran deep into S.te Devote and left debris on track after touching the barriers. Richelmi took advanatge of the restart to take a few tenths and put them between himself and Canamasas, while Cecotto tried desperately to overtake Haryanto before once more falling back with no tyres left. As the top three completed the remainign half-distance in the same order with no variations, Cecotto had a train of a dozen cars form up behind him, each one within half a second of the preceding one at a certain point. Coletti overtook Daly and aimed for the final points-scoring position but settled for 9th.

Richelmi had a great lap setting a 1:23.9 to Canamasas’ 1:25.0, while Haryanto was on a 1:24.3 and Cecotto slowed down the others with a 1:26.5. Pic tried to overtake Cecotto at Antony Noghes but couldn’t try again on the following lap after locking up at La Rascasse.

It was a race of many first-times: Richelmi took his maiden win and Canamasas his maiden podium, Haryanto took his first season podium and, along with Canamasas and Evans, scored twice in a race weekend, while Palmer failed to finish on the podium and Nasr failed to score points for the first time this year. Trident scored two top-five finishes in two days making this one of their better performances ever. Another came at Monaco in 2008 when, after finishing 8th and 7th in race 1, Mike Conway and Ho-Pin Tung finished 1st and 2nd in the sprint race; though the result this time isn’t as good, the combination brings more points.

Race Results

Pos Driver Team Gap Points
1 Stephane Richelmi DAMS 15
2 Sergio Canamasas Trident +2.1 12
3 Rio Haryanto Caterham +8.2 10
4 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Trident +25.3 8
5 Arthur Pic Campos +25.7 6
6 Mitch Evans Russian Time +25.9 4
7 Jolyon Palmer DAMS +26.5 2
8 Adrian Quaife-Hobbs Rapax +26.9 1
9 Stefano Coletti Racing Engineering +28.4 0 + 2
10 Conor Daly Venezuela GP Lazarus +28.7
11 Alexander Rossi Caterham +29.9
12 Nathanael Berthon Venezuela GP Lazarus +30.1
13 Stoffel Vandoorne ART +30.6
14 Kimiya Sato Campos +31.2
15 André Negrao Arden +31.6
16 Julian Leal Carlin +32.0
17 Daniel Abt Hilmer +32.5
18 Simon Trummer Rapax +33.4
19 Raffaele Marciello Racing Engineering +34.3
20 René Binder Arden +35.4
21 Facu Regalia Hilmer +36.0
22 Tio Ellinas MP Motorsport +1 lap
Ret Artem Markelov Russian Time +18 laps
Ret Takuya Izawa ART +19 laps
Ret Daniel de Jong MP Motorsport +28 laps
Ret Felipe Nasr Carlin +30 laps

Fastest lap

Pos Driver Team Best Lap
22 Tio Ellinas MP Motorsport 1:22.807 22

Fastest lap points

Pos Driver Team Best Lap
9 Stefano Coletti Racing Engineering 1:23.331 9


Drivers’ Standings

Pos Driver Country Points
1 Jolyon Palmer United Kingdom 103
2 Felipe Nasr Brazil 57
3 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Venezuela 49
4 Julian Leal Colombia 48
5 Arthur Pic France 40
6 Stephane Richelmi Monaco 32
7 Rio Haryanto Indonesia 26
8 Stoffel Vandoorne Belgium 25
9 Mitch Evans New Zealand 24
10 Sergio Canamasas Spain 22
11 Simon Trummer Switzerland 18
12 Stefano Coletti Monaco 15
13 Tom Dillmann France 14
14 Adrian Quaife-Hobbs United Kingdom 10
15 Takuya Izawa Japan 8
16 Tio Ellinas Cyprus 7
17 René Binder Austria 3

Teams’ Standings

Pos Team Country Points
1 DAMS France 135
2 Carlin United Kingdom 105
3 Trident Italy 71
4 Campos Spain 40
5 ART France 33
6 Rapax Italy 28
7 Caterham Malaysia 26
8 Russian Time Russia 24
9 Arden United Kingdom 17
10 Racing Engineering Spain 15
11 MP Motorsport Netherlands 7

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