Rossi deposes Vandoorne from pole in Monte Carlo

Alexander Rossi, Monaco 2015
Rossi mastered the twisty Circuit de Monaco

Alexander Rossi and Raffaele Marciello topped their groups and will share the front row tomorrow.

Split qualifying was confirmed for this season and we saw the greatest proof of its unfairness as the second group ran with rain easing off and the track drying as opposed to the wet surface that the first group found.

Group A, the odd-numbered cars, was led by Raffaele Marciello who considerably beat Stoffel Vandoorne, meaning that for the first time since July 2014 the Belgian wasn’t going to start from pole position, ending a run which lasted six races. Behind these two the battle was closer, and Leal brought home Carlin’s best performance so far this season.

Group B, the even-numbered cars, took to the track later on as the rain faded away and Alexander Rossi aways looked like the easiest bet for pole, and he relegated this morning’s fastest man in practice, Arthur Pic, to second. Sirotkin was third, Yelloly fourth, while Stockinger closed the field with the highest gap, exceeding four seconds.

Qualifying Results

Pos. Driver Team Best Gap* Group
1 Alexander Rossi Racing Engineering 1:37.019 B
2 Raffaele Marciello Trident 1:40.357 A
3 Arthur Pic Campos 1:37.617 +0.598 B
4 Stoffel Vandoorne ART 1:41.124 +0.767 A
5 Sergey Sirotkin Rapax 1:38.391 +1.372 B
6 Julian Leal Carlin 1:41.655 +1.298 A
7 Nick Yelloly Hilmer 1:38.618 +1.599 B
8 Jordan King Racing Engineering 1:41.895 +1.538 A
9 Sergio Canamasas MP Motorsport 1:38.691 +1.672 B
10 Daniel de Jong MP Motorsport 1:42.150 +1.793 A
11 Nobuharu Matsushita ART 1:39.020 +2.001 B
12 Pierre Gasly DAMS 1:42.248 +1.891 A
13 Artem Markelov Russian Time 1:39.073 +2.054 B
14 Richie Stanaway Status 1:42.425 +2.068 A
15 André Negrao Arden 1:39.142 +2.123 B
16 Zoel Amberg Lazarus 1:42.539 +2.182 A
17 Alex Lynn DAMS 1:39.186 +2.167 B
18 Mitch Evans Russian Time 1:42.804 +2.447 A
19 Marco Sorensen Carlin 1:39.532 +2.513 B
20 René Binder Trident 1:39.539 +2.520 B
21 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Hilmer 1:43.386 +3.029 A
22 Nathanael Berthon Lazarus 1:40.101 +3.082 B
23** Rio Haryanto Campos 1:42.913 +2.556 A
24 Norman Nato Arden 1:44.286 +3.929 A
25 Marlon Stockinger Status 1:41.503 +4.484 B
26 Robert Visoiu Rapax 1:44.475 +4.118 A

*The gap indicated is from the fastest driver in that respective group.
**NOTE: Haryanto was handed a three-position grid penalty for failing to slow under yellow flags.


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