Stanaway masters Monaco to take maiden win

Richie Stanaway, Monaco 2015
Stanaway’s season is heading upwards

Richie Stanaway took Status to the top step of the podium in Monaco with a mature drive.

Drama hit Russian Time before the race started, as Mitch Evans had problems on his car on his way to the grid and had to sit out of the race for a second event in a row. Carlin men then worked on Sorensen’s car beyond the fifteen second warning before the formation lap and the Dane was handed a ten second stop & go penalty.

At the start Marciello lost the lead to Stanaway, with Sirotkin taking third ahead of Leal. At Beau Rivage Cecotto and Amberg made contact and the latter had to retired, and a few metres later at the Grand Hotel Hairpin Haryanto was squeezed between Nato and Binder and hit the barriers, ending his day. After a brief virtual Safety Car period Stanaway extended his lead lap by lap, while behind him Canamasas was the only driver who had the courage to try and overtake someone, in this case the slow Leal. He made it at Sainte Devote on lap 7, and that pretty much ended the action in the top ten. Rossi and Vandoorne dropped back to get some space and try to take the fastest lap and with it the two extra points, while settling for 7th and 8th respectively.

Markelov was putting pressure on Binder and that battle was the camera’s focus for some laps, but the Russian couldn’t find a way past for the moment. Then we heard King lamenting Gasly’s defensive driving by shouting “come on, you can’t do that!” on his radio, and a lap later he flew over the DAMS car at Nouvelle Chicane, safely landing in the escape road and retiring without injuries.

Markelov got ahead of Binder unseen by the cameras, and Stanaway gave us a last thrill at Anthony Noghes when he skidded onto the outside kerb before he could celebrate a well-deserved maiden win for him and his team, a combination which was successful in GP3 last year. Sergey Sirotkin celebrated his first podium behind the saddest man of the day, Raffaele Marciello.

Race Results

Pos Driver Team Gap Points
1 Richie Stanaway Status 30 laps 15
2 Raffaele Marciello Trident +2.038 12
3 Sergey Sirotkin Rapax +3.207 10
4 Sergio Canamasas MP Motorsport +5.698 8
5 Julian Leal Carlin +13.479 6
6 Arthur Pic Campos +20.637 4
7 Alexander Rossi Racing Engineering +22.119 2
8 Stoffel Vandoorne ART +23.103 1 + 2
9 Nick Yelloly Hilmer +33.361
10 Pierre Gasly DAMS +45.367
11 Alex Lynn DAMS +46.007
12 Daniel de Jong MP Motorsport +47.018
13 Robert Visoiu Rapax +47.331
14 Artem Markelov Russian Time +47.697
15 Nathanael Berthon Lazarus +50.015
16 René Binder Trident +58.315
17 André Negrao Arden +58.464
18 Marlon Stockinger Status +59.823
19 Nobuharu Matsushita ART +1:00.570
20 Marco Sorensen Carlin +1:08.579
21 Norman Nato Arden +1:10.989
Ret Jordan King Racing Engineering +6 lap
Ret Rio Haryanto Campos +30 laps
Ret Johnny Cecotto Jr. Hilmer +30 laps
Ret Zoel Amberg Lazarus +30 laps
DNS Mitch Evans Russian Time

Fastest lap

Pos Driver Team Best Lap
21 Norman Nato Arden 1:21.886 17

Fastest lap points

Pos Driver Team Best Lap
8 Stoffel Vandoorne ART 1:21.926 11


Drivers’ Standings

Pos Driver Country Points
1 Stoffel Vandoorne Belgium 114
2 Alexander Rossi United States 70
3 Rio Haryanto Indonesia 49
4 Mitch Evans New Zealand 28
5 Alex Lynn United Kingdom 25
6 Raffaele Marciello Italy 24
7 Julian Leal Colombia 24
8 Sergio Canamasas Spain 23
9 Richie Stanaway New Zealand 22
10 Sergey Sirotkin Russia 20
11 Arthur Pic France 19
12 Nathanael Berthon France 16
13 Pierre Gasly France 16
14 Jordan King United Kingdom 14
15 Robert Visoiu Romania 12
16 Nobuharu Matsushita Japan 7
17 Artem Markelov Russia 6
18 Norman Nato France 6
19 André Negrao Brazil 3
20 Nick Yelloly United Kingdom 3
21 Daniel de Jong Netherlands 0
22 René Binder Austria 0
23 Marlon Stockinger Philippines 0
24 Zoel Amberg Switzerland 0
25 Marco Sorensen Denmark 0
26 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Venezuela 0

Teams’ Standings

Pos Team Country Points
1 ART France 121
2 Racing Engineering Spain 84
3 Campos Spain 68
4 DAMS France 41
5 Russian Time Russia 34
6 Rapax Italy 32
7 Trident Italy 24
8 Carlin United Kingdom 24
9 MP Motorsport Netherlands 23
10 Status Canada 22
11 Lazarus Italy 16
12 Arden United Kingdom 9
13 Hilmer Germany 3

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