Sirotkin dominates Monaco qualifying

Sergey Sirotkin, Monte Carlo 2016
Sirotkin will lead the Racing Engineering pair on the grid

Sergey Sirotkin dominated Group B in qualifying, and will be joined on the front row by Nato, who led Group A.

Group A, the odd-numbered cars, saw a fierce fight for pole between Mitch Evans and Norman Nato, with Alex Lynn as an outsider. When the New Zealander hopped under the 1min 20s barrier, no one would have bet a pound on the Frenchman lowering the mark, but he did: 0.068s quicker than his rival meant he head the front row assured.

Group B, the even-numbered cars, took to the track later on as the track had been rubbered in, but Canamasas led most of the session with a time above 1m 21s. With less than five minutes remaining, King and Sirotkin, in rapid succession, lowered the benchmark to 1m 19.6s. Group B was assured of starting on the clean side of the grid, behind the polesitter, and as it stood Sirotkin led King by half the margin that had separated Evans from Nato.

Soon after, however, Markelov found traffic at Piscine in the form of Nabil Jeffri: he attempted another flying la but completely messed up his entry to Sainte Devote and hit the barriers straight on. With the barriers damaged and having to be replaced, the session was red-flagged for over half-an-hour. There was time for a final attempt at the restart: Sirotkin lowered his time by half-a-second, King did not improve at all, Rowland stayed third but had to improve to beat Giovinazzi.

Qualifying Results

Pos. Driver Team Best Gap* Group
1 Sergey Sirotkin ART 1:19.186 B
2 Norman Nato Racing Engineering 1:19.894 A
3 Jordan King Racing Engineering 1:19.691 +0.505 B
4 Mitch Evans Campos 1:19.962 +0.068 A
5 Oliver Rowland MP Motorsport 1:19.852 +0.666 B
6 Alex Lynn DAMS 1:20.014 +0.120 A
7 Antonio Giovinazzi Prema 1:19.972 +0.786 B
8 Raffaele Marciello Russian Time 1:20.601 +0.707 A
9 Nicholas Latifi DAMS 1:20.182 +0.996 B
10 Luca Ghiotto Trident 1:20.630 +0.736 A
11 Arthur Pic Rapax 1:20.360 +1.174 B
12 Nobuharu Matsushita ART 1:20.744 +0.850 A
13 Marvin Kirchhofer Carlin 1:21.016 +1.122 A
14 Sean Gealel Campos 1:20.877 +1.691 B
15 Artem Markelov Russian Time 1:22.160 +2.974 B
16 Gustav Malja Rapax 1:21.965 +2.071 A
17 Philo Armand Trident 1:22.707 +3.521 B
18 Daniel de Jong MP Motorsport 1:21.978 +2.084 A
19 Jimmy Eriksson Arden 1:22.029 +2.135 A
20*** Nabil Jeffri Arden 1:22.722 +3.536 B
DSQ** Sergio Canamasas Carlin 1:20.600 +1.414 B
DSQ** Pierre Gasly Prema 1:21.381 +1.487 A

*The gap indicated is from the fastest driver in that respective group.
**NOTE: Canamasas and Gasly were originally meant to start 13th and 16th, respectively, but were excluded from the results as they failed to stop at the weighbridge. Both will start from the pit lane.
***NOTE: Jeffri had qualified 21st but was found to have impeded Markelov and handed a three-position grid penalty. As he can’t serve it in full, he will start from the pit lane.


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