Formula 2 wants to sort out clutch problems before Monaco

Roy Nissany, Paul Ricard 2018
14 cars stalled in the first four races of 2018

As both drivers and race control are not satisfied at all with the clutch of the new machinery, F2 decided to test new settings and new parts in order to fix this issue.

While the new Dallara F2 2018 has delivered great racing so far, more than a dozen drivers couldn’t start a race because of major problems with the new clutch. The concerns are that if the issue is not solved within the next rounds, a driver could lose the championship because of this issue and more importantly that the safety on the grid is not guaranteeddue to cars having to avoid stalled machines.

“This is the highest level below F1 and to have 14 cars stall in four races is just unheard of and unacceptable really for a championship of this standard”, George Russell told Luca Ghiotto added that luck is needed to start a race properly, which shouldn’t be the case in a “high-level championship” like F2.

Lando Norris also added:  “People are just swerving everywhere and eventually you [are going to] get a guy at the back who has built up some speed and can’t avoid anything and it’s going to be a big crash,” said the Bahrain feature race winner.

“It’s just not me or Carlin, it’s everyone struggling. It’s something they need to sort out because soon enough there’s going be an incident and it’s not going to go too well.”

F2 organisers didn’t release a statement; however, race director Charlie Whiting mentioned that problem is caused “by the mapping of the clutch paddle and the way the clutch itself works”.

“There is a problem there, they understand that, and they’re going to run the F2 test car this coming week in order to try and find some things that they can improve and have it ready for Spain. It’s a wholly unsatisfactory situation. In Monaco it will be a whole different story”, he added.

A different clutch mapping had been developed before Baku already, F2 now wants to test these new settings as well as new parts which should eradicate the “luck factor” before the series heads to what usually is a chaotic round in the Principality of Monaco.


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