Markelov wins action-packed race

Artem Markelov, Monte Carlo 2018
Markelov stayed out of trouble unlike the two drivers ahead of him on the grid

Artem Markelov won the feature race in Monaco ahead of Sean Gelael and Roberto Merhi.

Shortly before the race it was announced that Sette Camara wouldn’t have been competing because of a hand injury sustained during yesterday’s qualifying session incident.

The race started off immediately to an accident as Fuoco drove straight across Ghiotto’s path and forced the Campos into the barrier. The Charouz driver was only handed a drive through penalty for this accident and will start tomorrow’s race from reverse pole.

Ferrucci stalled, unfortunately losing his excellent grid position advantage. Albon held onto the lead ahead of de Vries, with Markelov and Maini behind them. These four drivers exchanged the fastest lap of the race in the first part of the race.

While Gelael and Norris became the first drivers to pit, Russell made a mistake during an attempted overtake and ran wide into the barriers at Rascasse, losing his front wing and stalling, being forced to retire.

At a quarter of the race distance, Norris was chasing Gelael but Boschung, who had just pitted, came out on track ahead of both of them. The Indonesian dived to the inside at Mirabeau and took the position; Norris tried the same at Anthony Noghes where the braking zone is much shorter and clipped the MP car which skidded into the barriers sideways breaking both suspensions on the left side. This was what triggered the second Safety Car period after the previous one to recover Ghiotto’s car.

On lap 14 de Vries turned into the pit lane behind the Safety Car but Albon, despite being in front, turned in too but a fraction of a second later. He might have been called in at the last second or he saw his rival pitting and decided to do the same. Either way, the pit entry was too narrow and de Vries hit the rear of Albon, sending him into a spin and a stall. The DAMS was later restarted by the pit crew but their race was pretty much over.

Norris was handed a drive through for colliding with Boschung, and de Vries, after cutting the Nouvelle chicane, experienced car problems which caused him to lap eight seconds slower than anyone else, and within a couple of laps he retired in the pits.

His team mate was within the pit stop window of the race leader, Markelov, who thus started pushing very hard, increasing the lead on Maini to around eight seconds. The top seven gradually pitted, with Maini exiting just a few inches ahead of Norris but maintaining position despite the cold tyres. Markelov pitted with seven laps to go, and rejoined clearly ahead of Gelael.

Latifi briefly led, and he wanted to stay out as long as possible to take advantage of a potential Safety Car period; but at this point the positions were decided, and in the final laps every driver was lapping three seconds slower than the fastest lap, set only a minute beforehand. No one wanted to risk losing points in Monaco: Markelov turned around his fortunes after some bad races; Gelael and Merhi could celebrate their first F2 podium; Deletraz took his first points, Aitken overtook his team mate in the standings and Maini scored his best finish to date; Norris extended his championship lead despite starting 17th, with Albon, de Vries, Russell and Camara leaving the track with zero points.

Race Results

Pos. Driver Team Gap Points
1 Artem Markelov Russian Time 42 laps 25 + 2
2 Sean Gelael Prema +10.713 18
3 Roberto Merhi MP Motorsport +15.489 15
4 Louis Deletraz Charouz +19.236 12
5 Arjun Maini Trident +20.135 10
6 Lando Norris Carlin +20.637 8
7 Jack Aitken ART +21.986 6
8 Antonio Fuoco Charouz +23.855 4
9 Nicholas Latifi DAMS +24.861 2
10 Nirei Fukuzumi Arden +30.944 1
11 Maximilian Günther Arden +31.532
12 Roy Nissany Campos +49.749
13 Santino Ferrucci Trident +1:27.441
14 Tadasuke Makino Russian Time +2 laps
Ret Alexander Albon DAMS +20 laps 0 + 4
Ret Nyck de Vries Prema +23 laps
Ret Ralph Boschung MP Motorsport +31 laps
Ret George Russell ART +37 laps
Ret Luca Ghiotto Campos +42 laps
DNP Sergio Sette Camara Carlin

Fastest lap

Pos. Driver Team Fastest lap Lap
11 Maximilian Günther Arden 1:22.472 38

Fastest lap points

Pos. Driver Team Fastest lap Lap
1 Artem Markelov Russian Time 1:22.990 38


Drivers’ Standings

Pos. Driver Country Points
1 Lando Norris United Kingdom 88
2 Alexander Albon Thailand 67
3 George Russell United Kingdom 62
4 Artem Markelov Russia 61
5 Jack Aitken United Kingdom 49
6 Nyck de Vries Netherlands 46
7 Sergio Sette Camara Brazil 46
8 Sean Gelael Indonesia 29
9 Antonio Fuoco Italy 24
10 Nicholas Latifi Canada 23
11 Luca Ghiotto Italy 22
12 Roberto Merhi Spain 21
13 Maximilian Günther Germany 16
14 Arjun Maini India 16
15 Louis Deletraz Switzerland 12
16 Ralph Boschung Switzerland 10
17 Santino Ferrucci United States 4
18 Tadasuke Makino Japan 4
19 Nirei Fukuzumi Japan 2
20 Roy Nissany Israel 0

Teams’ Standings

Pos. Team Country Points
1 Carlin United Kingdom 134
2 ART France 111
3 DAMS France 90
4 Prema Italy 75
5 Russian Time Russia 67
6 Charouz Czech Republic 36
7 MP Motorsport United Kingdom 31
8 Campos Spain 22
9 Trident Italy 20
10 Arden United Kingdom 18



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