Albon takes the win ahead of unlucky Russell

Alexander Albon, Silverstone 2018
Albon takes his second win of the season

Albon inherited the lead at the pit stops and held onto it with merit.

The British feature race started just like the Austrian had: polesitter Russell led the field away after the rolling start, having timed to perfection the moment he pushed the throttle down. Markelov overtook Maini, and five laps later the Indian re-passed his rival in the first DRS zone. The Trident driver quickly caught Norris and took advantage of a slight error by the Briton, who put a wheel on the grass at turn 2, to overtake him at turn 3.

Most drivers pitted on lap 6, including the top three. Russell had a slightly slow stop which cost him the net lead of the race to Albon. One lap later Norris pitted and he stalled, dropping to last. Maini also came out as a loser amongst the pitters, dropping down the order. Both ART drivers were later penalised by 5 seconds for speeding in the pit lane.

Makino and Boschung continued, being the only two drivers to have started on the hard tyre compound. Deletraz put Fuoco under pressure but the Italian then pulled away just a little, leaving his team mate to defend from Camara, Ghiotto, de Vries and Markelov.

Fukuzumi caused a VSC period when he stopped on the Hangar straight with car issues. Aitken was caught infringing the rules and was handed another 5s penalty.

On lap 17 Camara passed Deletraz on the outside of Vale. On lap 21 Norris was passing Gelael on the outside of Brooklands, but despite being given enough room the Prema driver collided with the Carlin driver and spun out of the race. Norris luckily continued, and another VSC was briefly called. This one caught out Nissany and Makino who were duly handed 5s penalties.

On lap 22, two laps after Makino, Boschung pitted, putting Albon back in the lead of the race. Two laps later, Camara’s car started smoking, and he stopped trackside with small flames visible in the back of the car. While this happened, Maini was attacking his team mate on the outside of Brookalnds, but Ferrucci ran him off track and was later handed a 5s penalty for this.

As Russell had fifteen seconds of margin over Fuoco, the top three were almost safe of their positions. Ghiotto had passed Deletraz when Camara pulled aside, and now was defending from the Swiss driver, who criticised the Italian’s defensive tactics. On the last lap, Deletraz managed to overtake the Campos on the inside of Stowe.

Albon won having kept Russell at distance throughout the race; the Briton was unlucky to lose the lead in the pits but eventually earned two extra points for fastest lap and increased his lead over the much unluckier Norris. Fuoco took another podium and Günther was eventually awarded reverse pole for tomorrow.

Race Results

Pos. Driver Team Gap Points
1 Alexander Albon DAMS 29 laps 25
2 George Russell ART +9.783 18 + 4 + 2
3 Antonio Fuoco Charouz +18.507 15
4 Louis Deletraz Charouz +26.689 12
5 Luca Ghiotto Campos +27.016 10
6 Artem Markelov Russian Time +27.107 8
7 Nyck de Vries Prema +28.034 6
8 Maximilian Günther Arden +34.020 4
9 Ralph Boschung MP Motorsport +37.227 2
10 Lando Norris Carlin +39.620 1
11 Roberto Merhi MP Motorsport +39.971
12 Tadasuke Makino Russian Time +40.131
13 Jack Aitken ART +42.930
14 Arjun Maini Trident +54.855
15 Roy Nissany Campos +58.064
16 Santino Ferrucci Trident +59.394
17 Nicholas Latifi DAMS +59.764
Ret Sergio Sette Camara Carlin +6 laps
Ret Sean Gelael Prema +9 laps
Ret Nirei Fukuzumi Arden +16 laps

Fastest lap

Pos. Driver Team Fastest lap Lap
2 George Russell ART 1:44.448 28

Fastest lap points

Pos. Driver Team Fastest lap Lap
2 George Russell ART 1:44.448 28


Drivers’ Standings

Pos. Driver Country Points
1 George Russell United Kingdom 156
2 Lando Norris United Kingdom 123
3 Alexander Albon Thailand 114
4 Artem Markelov Russia 102
5 Antonio Fuoco Italy 97
6 Sergio Sette Camara Brazil 86
7 Nyck de Vries Netherlands 81
8 Luca Ghiotto Italy 57
9 Louis Deletraz Switzerland 56
10 Jack Aitken United Kingdom 49
11 Roberto Merhi Spain 35
12 Nicholas Latifi Canada 34
13 Sean Gelael Indonesia 29
14 Maximilian Günther Germany 24
15 Arjun Maini India 23
16 Tadasuke Makino Japan 18
17 Ralph Boschung Switzerland 12
18 Santino Ferrucci United States 7
19 Nirei Fukuzumi Japan 6
20 Roy Nissany Israel 0

Teams’ Standings

Pos. Team Country Points
1 Carlin United Kingdom 209
2 ART France 205
3 Charouz Czech Republic 153
4 DAMS France 146
5 Russian Time Russia 120
6 Prema Italy 110
7 Campos Spain 57
8 MP Motorsport United Kingdom 47
9 Arden United Kingdom 30
10 Trident Italy 30



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