Clutch fixes and private tests before Hungary to solve stalling issues


Gelael stalls
The entire grid suffered from clutch problems until recently

After half a season of stalling drivers, the clutch problems seem to be finally solved.

Although the Dallara F2/2018 delivered great racing throughout the 2018 F2 season, many drivers were not particularly happy with the clutch of the new machinery. Virtually every driver experienced problems during the starting procedure, which led to criticism about the competitiveness of the series. Many drivers stated that it would distort competition and therefore should be solved immediately.

As a result, F2 organisers promised to sort out the issue before Monaco, but when cars still stalled in Paul Ricard, rolling starts were introduced for Spielberg and Silverstone to ensure a fair environment.

However, in time for the next round in Hungary, Series officials believe that the issue will be finally fixed. “There are additional people working on the control software and they’ve found one particular thing which was most likely the principle cause of the stall,” said Charlie Whiting, the FIA Race Director. “It seems that the engine wasn’t generating enough torque at the point that the driver wanted to drop the clutch and hence it was stalling.”

All engines will now be sent back to supplier Mechachrome for a mid-season check. After that, they will be randomly allocated to each driver. In addition to that, every team will be allowed to do 100 km of private testing on a track of their choice in order to understand the new clutches, which will be provided before the next round. For this purpose, teams receive an additional set of tyres.


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