Lorandi takes Ferrucci’s seat at Trident

Alessio Lorandi, Spielberg 2018
Lorandi will make his F2 debut in Budapest

Trident’s GP3 driver Alessio Lorandi is expected to replace Santino Ferrucci, at least for the upcoming round in Hungary.

Ferrucci, who joined the Italian squad one year ago (Hungary 2017), was banned for two weekends “for the unsportsmanlike and above all uncivilized behaviour” at the last round in Silverstone.

Consequently, Alessio Lorandi, who currently sits in seventh in the GP3 driver standings, will get the chance to show his driving skills in F2, according to the FIA’s official entry list for the next round in Budapest this weekend.

The young Italian is set to be the first driver change of the 2018 Season. He will partner Arjun Maini, who was the victim of Ferrucci’s actions. The Indian driver was run of the road multiple times, hit intentionally at the end of race 2 and reportedly mocked because of his accent.

This situation is expected to improve significantly as Maini and Lorandi will be teammates for the fourth time in four years. As the Italian is no title contender in GP3 at the moment, this move to Trident’s F2 programme is even more comprehensible.

However, as he broke his collarbone earlier this year, the move is still surprising as the Formula 2 machinery is physically even more intense than driving a GP3 car. Lorandi stated in Austria: “At the end of the race when I get out of the car, I have to wait a bit [because of the pain]. If we had a halo I wouldn’t be able to get out of the car.”

His bones are still broken and doctors said he should not race for three months due to his injury.

As GP3 races as well this weekend, Trident has to find a replacement for Lorandi as well. While this move is yet to be confirmed, F2 Fanatic understands that Jenzer driver David Beckmann will race for the Italian team in the next round.

Update: Both Lorandi and Beckmann have been confirmed to race for Trident for the remainder of the season.


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