Italy driver ratings

Round 10: who did and who did not live up to expectations?

Let’s have a look at how well each driver did in the previous round.

Top performers

George Russell

While he got excluded from the podium in the feature race by Markelov and Albon, he beat his title rival and took the result without risks. On Sunday he pounced on Markelov’s mistake and won for the first time since Austria.

Artem Markelov

Strategy cost him the win to his team mate, but he was excellent. Starting 7th he took the lead of the sprint race, but a mistake cost him the “best driver” award to Russell, along with the win.

Flop performers

Alessio Lorandi

At home the Italian messed up the exit of Lesmo 2, spoiling his race on Saturday, and was anonymous in the second race, too.

Maximilian Günther

Arden endured one of its most deluding weekends of the year, and to mechanical problems (in qualifying) he added a collision (in the sprint race).

Italy driver ratings

Artem Markelov 8.5

Tadasuke Makino 8.5

Sean Gelael 4.5

Nyck de Vries 5

Alexander Albon 7.5

Nicholas Latifi 7.5

Jack Aitken 5.5

George Russell 8.5

Dorian Boccolacci 6.5

Ralph Boschung 6.5

Maximilian Günther 4.5

Nirei Fukuzumi 4.5

Luca Ghiotto 6.5

Roy Nissany 5.5

Arjun Maini 6.5

Alessio Lorandi 4.5

Sergio Sette Camara 8

Lando Norris 7

Louis Deletraz 5.5

Antonio Fuoco 5

Do you agree with the ratings? Have your say in the comments below!


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