MP Motorsport replace DAMS in GP3

Jordan King, Spa 2017

MP Motorsport expand to GP3

DAMS will leave GP3 after the final 2017 round in Abu Dhabi.

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Markelov masters the tyres to win in Jerez

Artem Markelov, Jerez 2017

Markelov overtook Latifi and the struggling Palou to win the race

Artem Markelov managed his tyres better than anyone and won by 11 seconds on Latifi.

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George Russell wins GP3 title

Geroge Russell, Monza 2017

George Russell won four races this season

George Russell was crowned 2017 GP3 champion with the final round yet to be run.
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Charles Leclerc dominates in Jerez to win the title

Charles Leclerc, Jerez 2017

Charles Leclerc has won the title with three races to spare

Charles Leclerc is the first Formula 2 champion after winning in Jerez.

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Leclerc on pole in Jerez

Charles Leclerc, Jerez 2017

Leclerc races with his late father’s helmet design

Leclerc took his eighth pole of 2017 on F2’s first visit to Jerez.

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